Magnetic order in a CuII-DyIII oxamato-based two-dimensional coordination polymer (C. R. Chimie 22 (2019) 466-475)

enero 29, 2020

We report the synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic characterization of a novel two-dimensional copper(II)-dysprosium(III) coordination polymer of formula [LiI(OH2)4]2[DyIIICuII2(Me2pma)4Cl(H2O)] . 4H2O (1) [Me2pma = N-2,6-dimethylphenyloxamate]. Compound 1 was obtained by using the mononuclear anionic complex, [CuII(Me2pma)2]2-, as a bis(bidentate) metalloligand toward solvated dysprosium(III) cations and shows a square [DyIIICuII2] layered structure of (44.62) net topology. Interestingly, the combination of two factors, the well-known efficiency of oxamato ligands to transmit strong magnetic couplings between neighboring atoms and such structural topology, is responsible for the observation of a ferromagnetic interaction between copper(II) and dysprosium(III) cations and a magnetic ordering (TC = 7.5 K), paving the way for the obtention of novel future examples of the still very scarce magnetically ordered lanthanide-based coordination polymers.

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